Five factors that determines the cost of building a 5 bedroom house in Kenya

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In as much as people would want to assume the cost of building a 5 house bedroom is cheap, as for this case it is not. This becomes a nut-cracking issue for those who wish to build a 5 bedroom house. The construction costs of a 5 bedroom house will depend on several factors.

In this article, we will get to understand how costs vary depending on some factors.

  1. Location

The place or area where the construction site is situated will have an effect on the cost of building a 5 bedroom house in Kenya or any other house constructed. These are the various factors that involve the location of the construction site;

  • Distance of the source of raw materials and material suppliers

The distance of the construction site from the material supplier and the source of raw materials affects the cost of building a 5 bedroom house in Kenya. The further the distance the higher the costs of transporting materials from the source to the construction site. For example, a 6 by 9 inches stone is selling at Kedowa for Ksh20 per foot.

If you want to buy and transport 10,000 to Kakamega, the cost of one foot will be Ksh.60 and therefore the total cost of 10,000 fts will be Ksh.600,000. If you are transporting to Bomet, you will pay Ksh.30 per feet and therefore you will spend Ksh.300,000 for the same quantity of stones.


  • Topographical issue

The scape of the land on which the construction is to be done affects the cost of building a 5 bedroom house in Kenya. If the topographical nature of the ground is flat materials will be used in the site hence fewer costs incurred. If the ground is slanted it requires a slab to fix it, this will require a lot of expensive materials to recover the ground’s flat nature for the foundation.

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  • Nature of the soil.

The soil can be weak or strong, weak soil needs fixing for the foundation meaning a floating slab has to be made. Constructing a floating slab is expensive since it requires expensive steel to fix firm the slab for foundation purposes. This will inversely increase the cost of building a 5 bedroom house in Kenya. Otherwise, strong soil will have no need for slab hence fewer costs

  1. Are you considering Bungalow or Maisonette designs?

The question of whether it is a maisonnette or a bungalow house affects the total cost of building a 5 bedroom house in Kenya. A maisonnette requires a slab and a bungalow house does not. The cost of the steel meant for fixing a slab is double the price making it more expensive than a bungalow.

The roofing material for either the bungalow or maisonnette should be considered. A maisonnette requires either a roofing sheet or a slab if the roof of the house is flat. Every option must be clearly thought of for cost clarity.

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  1. The 5 bedroom roofing designs in Kenya chosen and roofing materials

To determine the cost of building a 5 bedroom house in Kenya, you need to consider the type of roofing material or roofing design to apply to the house. When you go for a flat roof you will consider the slab it means it will require steel and mortars which are costly.

On the option of using roofing sheets,  you will decide on installing either the box profile type or the tile type. The cost will vary depending on the supplier. For example, MRM Versatile Ksh.3, 800 per piece of 3meter while the same will cost Ksh.1, 740 at Royal Mabati and Ksh.2,400 from Mabati Bora.

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  1. Materials

The materials used in constructing a 5 bedroom house in Kenya will influence the cost. In the case of using a lot of mortar during plaster or less mortar will vary according to the costs. As for whether to apply bricks or blocks, blocks are more expensive compared to bricks. The use of natural stones for construction is also expensive.

  1. The sizes of the rooms

The dimensions of the room sizes will affect the cost of construction. Larger dimensions equal a large surface area meaning an increasing use of construction materials, and roofing will be needed.

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