We have thousands of thoughts that are disturbing our minds but house designs in Kenya should be the last and least. Housing has been made easy and simple by our creative and innovative Kenyan architects who come up with outstanding plans that can maximize the small limited land to confer for all the features clients will desire to have in their homes.

Construction of buildings is being adapted by several citizens who want not just shelter, but the prestige and honor that comes with owning beautiful house designs in Kenya. Having our names on real estate property is a dream of every average citizen.

House designs in Kenya come in two models, mansion and bungalow. A mansion is a house design that is structured to have two or more floors that are designed for domestic or residential purposes. A bungalow will be contrary to a mansion in terms of structure, it is a one-floor house design. But sometimes it may hold some other small rooms in the ceiling.

House designs in Kenya will have different designs of roofs.

Gable roofs- These roofs are also known as A roofs. The roof has two rectangular surfaces which meet at the peak of the house forming a ridge. Most bungalow house designs in Kenya will take this shape. A good example can be the local classes in several schools.

Hipped roofs- They might be similar to gabled roofs but the difference will be that they will have two large trapezium shapes and two triangular shape surfaces which will also meet at the peak of the house forming a ridge. The triangular shapes are usually at the extreme ends of the roof. It is very high providing space for dorm rooms in the ceiling for house designs in Kenya like cottages.

Flat roof- Flat roof is characterized by contemporary house designs in Kenya. They are not necessarily flat but slightly slanted to allow proper water flow, they can be fitted with EPDM Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer which is a rubber that stretches and acts as waterproof preventing the slab roof from soaking water.

Zigzag and butterfly roofs- zigzag roofs are common in the factories where the roofs are designed in a zigzag shape. Butterfly roofs look similar to zigzag roofs but the roof is used in residential house designs in Kenya mostly with prefab houses.

Midcentury modern architecture and roof line types | Modern architecture,  Midcentury modern, Mid century modern house

Contemporary house designs in Kenya

These houses are modernized and still have touches and structures of the past. These house designs in Kenya modify as new trends come in the construction industry. It is known for its beautiful symmetrical lines with large sliding windows and flat rooftops

Apartments and condominiums house designs in Kenya

Apartments and condominiums are units of houses in a building that are used for residence. The difference comes in when apartments are rented and condos are sold to owners and are treated as real estate. Also, apartments can stand independently with private entrances and will be multi buildings on a large piece of land.


Thinking of house designs in Kenya? Think of West Kenya Real Estate Ltd. West Kenya Real Estate Ltd is a design and building company registered as a limited company with offices in Kisumu and Nairobi. We design and also build preferring to transform designs into a house. We also offer other real estate-related services like property management, valuation, sales, and letting. Feel free to talk to us today on 0724481087 or 0789217685 or email us at

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