The plan is to have a house where our family members will have spacious rooms and comfortable life in the house built. Not all houses will provide this, but 3 bedroom house designs in Kenya can.

We might live in bedroom house designs in Kenya either in rentals or personal houses. It doesn’t matter since the Kenyan architects only want to make life comfortable and affordable. New concepts of housing are being introduced into the country which is cheap, the prefab containers.

Styles of 3 bedroom house designs in Kenya


When thinking of saving space, a mansion is the best option. For example 3 bedroom house designs in Kenya, the bedrooms will be put on the preceding floor from the ground floor. A mansion is a house model which can have more than two floors. These mansions can be in different varieties.

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1. Contemporary mansion house

The contemporary model is characterized by its beautiful glass walls/ windows that cover the house design and provide proper air circulation and lighting in the house. 3 bedroom house designs in Kenya can easily take such variety. The design is also known for its ability to adjust its plan structure depending on the current trends.

2. Apartments

They can be found in two ways, as a unit of house in a building, or an independent unit of a house with a private entrance. Either of them, 3 bedroom house designs in Kenya can be molded into. The unit of house must be very efficient to attract tenants, who will share some facilities like swimming pools, clubhouse, and many others which are also self-contained houses.

3. Condominiums

Like apartments, they are a single unit of house is a building that is treated as a real estate since they are sold to a potential buyer changing the ownership of the house. But still, they pay a small fixed amount of money to the managing department which is used to pay for and manage the maintenance on the premises.

Owners of these 3 bedroom house designs in Kenya will share the lifts, court houses, markets, and more.

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4. Townhouses

These houses can be built in different sizes and models. A mansion 3 bedroom house designs in Kenya can fit in such a model. From their name, they are located in the up markets near towns and are usually clustered houses. They are built in a uniform way which brings out the beauty. The residents are usually gated and protected by a private security company as well as the police.


The model of the house has a single floor with a large veranda around it. Sometimes it may have rooms in the ceiling, it will then be called a half-duplex.

1. Cottages

Still, a bedroom house designs in Kenya can be a bungalow model in cottage form. The house is built in wood which is well-painted and has beautiful geometric sequence of lines that bring a storybook charm.

2. Villas

It is also a bungalow design with open floors and beautiful patios.

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